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I quite like this “4 Stages of Learning” thing. Not directly related to Game Design, more towards the learning process and personal self-improvement.

This describes learning and competency in 4 stages. This actually reflects the stages of learning very well, especially people needs to know which stage of learning they are currently at. Not going into details regarding this. Its possible to do a search for this to get more detailed information. Putting this down as a reference.

(This topic is pretty interesting, although my post may or may not make it so.)

Stage 1 of Learning | Unconscious Incompetence

Blissfully Ignorant

Many (too many) people are at Stage 1 without being aware of it! The phase “ignorance is bliss” really is true. For people like these, they usually possess a high level of confidence, basically because they know what they want to do, but they don’t know what they don’t know that they should know. They felt that what they know is already what should be known.

Stage 2 of Learning | Conscious Incompetence

The Eyes are Opened

Stage 2 is making a BIG improvement over Stage 1! Just simply because they know what they don’t know, and by knowing what they don’t know, they are able to take steps to knowing what they should know. (I wrote this way on purpose :p) Suddenly, they felt foolish, because they realize what they have been doing all the time. Pretending to know when they actually know nothing.

But it is a very important stage to learning. Once the barrier between Stage 1 to Stage 2 have been broken, everything is just dependent on the person and the action he choses. To carry on the way? To give up? To improve? To let the shame bring him down? Actually there is need to feel shameful about being in Stage 1 as long as they are able to progress to Stage 2 and work towards…

Stage 3 of Learning | Conscious competence

On the Way

Stage 3 is a small improvement over Stage 2, just its a matter of practice and understanding, but at least the effort is there and the determination is there to improve. They know, they can, but they need to think when they do it. It does not come naturally to them, but they are on the way…

Stage 4 of Learning | Unconscious Competence


They know it so well now that they don’t even know it! Kinda. They know it so well and it becomes a part of them so much so that they do not need to think about it.

Ok thats it. Short introduction to the “4 Stages of Learning”.

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