“Box Boy”

Conceptualized during production of Lone Wolf when I was doing alot of tests scenes for testing of different features and doing experiments on kjAPI. Because many tests are done with boxes, so I thought, why not make a Box Boy? So there he is.

He has other forms and concepts, but this is the latest one. His other form is living in my “Primitive” folder currently.

Box Boy, standing “heavily” at 464 poly. hehe…
Box Boy

Plans for Box Boy

Might use him to play around with kjAPI since the game engine now has tons more features exposed for game development. There are some game designs and stories revolving around Box Boy, but not sure if I will start on anything for him at the moment.

Just wanna play around and experiment more with all the new features of kjAPI for the time being, and of course, theres “Anomaly Resurrection”…

… anyway… who cares?

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