Raymond Toh (Game / Level Designer)

I’m Raymond Toh, working in the game industry in Singapore since 2003. I have worked in a variety of companies, including Ubisoft Singapore, Nubee and Konami. My career progression has led me through a variety of roles, from game artist, level designer, to game designer.


  1. Ability to bring a game from concept to release. ( 3 released mobile game, Davinci’s Quest, Monstar Fishing, Chains of Souls)
  2. Able to design new, innovative game play mechanics, proven with 3 released products.
  3. Able to write design documents for team communication and as development road map.
  4. Create Data design and system for balancing.
  5. Able to collect play test feedback for analysis and adapt design and balance for best game play experience.
  6. Knowledge of psychological concepts and application to game design.
  7. Detailing of UI and game flow for game needs.
  8. Understands fully the roles, responsibility and stresses of a game designer and how important it is to a game company and the team.
  9. Always willing to learn.


SOFTWARE USED : Microsoft Word, Openoffice Draw, My Trusty Notebook!

  1. Specialize in thinking out of the box to create unique and innovative game mechanics using mind-mapping and sketching.
  2. Microsoft word and open office draw for documentation
  3. Able to create design documentation to communicate and study ideas with team members


SOFTWARE USED : Unity3d, Construct2

  1. Prototype designing with emphasize on core mechanics to put the “fun” to test in the shortest and most cost effective way, without bloating the prototype.
  2. Able to lead brainstorming sessions to lead team members to come up with more “brain farts” that could potentially lead to better designs.
  3. Understands the need to design, feedback and iterate designs again to get the most fun.
  4. Understands that the iteration process has to stop at the right time.
  5. Understands the relationship between data and game mechanics, and the parameters to use.
  6. Follows a data driven process where game mechanics be fine tuned by data for quick reviews for “feel” and iterations.


SOFTWARE USED : Microsoft Excel, Openoffice Spreadsheet, Tortise SVN, Github

  1. Emphasize on “feel” and testing to get the most out of the data
  2. Understands the importance of data to game feel and fun
  3. more artistically inclined thus emphasize “feel” more than hard numbers.
  4. able to use Microsoft excel and open office spreadsheet for data balancing
  5. not a mathematical expert, but understands the use of mathematical formulas and able to modify them to get the curves I want. using charts to visualize data progression
  6. designing data balancing strategies to balance the mechanics.
  7. data design to bring out the best in the game play systems



  1. Design spaces for game play purposes (Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia)
  2. Understanding the importance of 3C’s
  3. Directing of Player’s game play so they do not get “lost”
  4. Adapting cameras so that Players have natural, fluid control as controls are tightly integrated with the camera’s direction.
  5. Create memorable “free-running” experience with standard level design ingredients. Executed by placing Players in different types of exciting environment.
  6. Experience with modular level design methodology for improve workflow and production efficiency.


SOFTWARE USED : 3DSMax, Photoshop, Adobe Premier

  1. Knowledge of 3D modeling with 3D Studio Max for Level design and Assets creation.
  2. Video Editing and rendering for Anomaly Racing’s Promo Video


Video Games Development Portfolio

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