Ano Racing Resurrection

“Anomaly Racing Resurrection” is my own video games project to recreate “Anomaly Racing”, a 3d high speed futuristic racing game.

“Anomaly Racing Resurrection” will utilize the kjAPI Game Engine, which is used for “Lone Wolf”. kjAPI has been chosen because of my familiarity with it, and also because of its powerful and flexible plugin and gamemonkey scripting system.


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The kjAPI Engine is coming along nicely for the development of “Lone Wolf : Flight from the Dark“, and I’m looking forward to using the kjAPI Engine to develop a past project which I felt deeply for, Anomaly Racing.

Anomaly Racing is an extreme high speed racing game, developed as a UT2004 mod for the “Make Something Unreal Competition”, in the same vein as Wipeout and F-Zero.

Some of the features from Anomaly Racing, off the back of my mind, includes: single player campaign with over 100 different races and objectives, multi-player mode with head-to-head race and spectator mode, weapon combat, configurable weapons, turbo boosting etc…

Anomaly Racing – “RESURRECTION”

is going to heavily ultilize the script system of the kjAPI Engine and also I want to show the capabilities of the kjAPI Engine not just as a engine for “Lone Wolf : Flight from the Dark“, but rather, a full fledge rapid prototyping and game development tool.

The other reason, would be for me to put what I’ve learnt and understood of Game Design and development from the past years while working on Lone Wolf, and also ideas that I want to develop further from working on Anomaly Racing previously. Of course, a nice little project for my own portfolio… which is extremely pathetic…

What I hope to accomplish for Anomaly Racing – “Resurrection” would be, a control scheme which would allow the player to control the craft while it is travelling at the extreme high speed, giving the player the desired precision, while being extremely minimal and easy to understand.

I’ve already got a prototype working, but as there are changes in the script system of kjAPI, it would take some time for me to migrate to the new system, though I do not expect it to take too long, as the script system is pretty natural and easy to understand.

A good time also for me to revise, reorganize my scripts and also to improve the game as a whole. If I have the time, (which basically means if I’m not lazy), I think I’ll do a video capture of the prototype in action.

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