Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod

About Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod

The Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod was a video game project start by PRECURSOR Pte Ltd for entry into the “Make Something Unreal Competition” (MSUC)

Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod

Fancy Some High Speed Futuristic Craft Racing and Combat… Online?

Anomaly Racing gives you that! Race against up to 15 other players online, or play the single player campaign where you’ll try climb the ladder to reach the top of the world of Anomaly Racing.

Starting off as a Novice, you’ll buy new weapons, hovercrafts and upgrades to your hovercrafts, and try to progress to the Rookie, Professional and finally the Anomaly Level!

Massive Single Player Campaign!

For the single player campaign, we have over a hundred different races for you to win, a total of 8 tracks to race on, up to 12 hovercrafts to buy, a large variety of upgrades to chose from, 3 types of weapons to use, and a variety of different race types such as:

  • Qualification, race against the track qualifying time for your level alone,
  • Pure Race, racing against bots without weapons or boosters,
  • Combat Race, racing with weapons only,
  • High Speed Race, racing with boosters only,
  • High Speed Combat, racing with both boosters and weapons,
  • Knockout, where the last racers from each laps are eliminated,
  • and the ultimate, Survival, where the other bots will try to take you out, while you have no weapons to defend yourself!

Race Online or Watch Races!

For the online mode, you are able to have races with up to 16 players, or spectate a race going on. A new feature, Field Cams, which you can activate by right clicking when spectating, would let you view the race via specially placed cameras in the tracks to view the race from different angles and perspectives, just like watching a live telecast of an Anomaly race on your computer!

Videos of Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod

About the “Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod” Promo Video

Did the video editing, sound editing, 3d modeling of scene (except for the crafts), composing the scenes, animating, rendering, effects, gameplay footage capture, planning (for it to be done within 2 weeks)

Its not very good, but was quite a meaningful piece of work for me, a reminder of the good old times. A time where video games development is really all about passion, excitement, a can-do attitude, naiveness… where I stay at the office during the weekdays, working day and night, most of the days havng only dinner just to complete the work…

We are just a bunch of friends pulled together by the hands of fate, getting together to produce a game that could hopefully pave the way for our future.

But after going through what I’ve been through, I’ve long since become… less naive… still… those were good times that I missed.

The “Fire Bird”

“Fire Bird” – Racing Craft I created for Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod.

The “Scorpion”

“Scorpion” – Racing Craft I created for Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod.

Screenshots of Anomaly Racing UT2004 Mod


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Video Games Development | Roles and Responsibility

Although I was hired as a Game Artist, Due to the small size of the core game development team, which consisted of 3 Artists and a programmer, I was fortunate to have the chance to deal with almost all aspects of a Video Game’s Development, from Game Art, Game Design, Game Level Design to a bit of community building and promotion.

As Game Artist

I was the Lead Artist for Anomaly Racing during the production of the Mod, where I was in charge of creating the visual look of Anomaly. The main focus of the Art Direction are the Crafts and the Tracks.

We tried to design crafts that do not look like those of other games. For example, not to look like the ones in Wipeout, or F-Zero. We also tried to incorporate moving parts, so that the Crafts do not look static, but rather, are really “alive”.

For the tracks, I tried to give it a slightly more stylized look by having slightly higher saturated colors to give the tracks a slightly futuristic and sharper feel. That is achieved by the texture colors, but the main contribution to the feel comes from the fog colors.

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As Game Designer

Working with the programmer was another learning experience for me. To work together, I had to go into another aspect of video games development, which was games design, because we have to work out not only the artistic features that he has to program, but also the game mechanism and game play features. Because we have only one programmer, we have to work out carefully what we are going to put into the MOD to ensure a balance between playability, schedules, visual effects, AI and bug fixing.

As Game Level Designer

My other main responsibility in the the development of Anomaly Racing was the Level Designer, not by choice, but because we do not have a level designer in our team. I am also responsible for directing the 2 other artists, and the programmer and ensuring that workload and deadlines are balanced properly. The 2 artists, Lex and Mingjie, though fresh at that time, did some very good works and we managed to meet most of our artistic deadlines and milestones.

Other Contributions to the Game

I was also involved in promoting the MOD to the UT community by posting in forums, mixing around with the members of the community, organizing “Race Days” to encourage more people to try our MOD, and generally try to maintain a certain level of interest in ANOMALY among the community.

Some other artistics that I did were additional crafts, revamped the HUD, revamped the main menu, a promotional FMV, promotional materials like posters and such, and some other artistics and game play fine tuning towards the end of the project.

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