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The 4 Stages of Learning

I quite like this “4 Stages of Learning” thing. Not directly related to Game Design, more towards the learning process and personal self-improvement.

This describes learning and competency in 4 stages. This actually reflects the stages of learning very well, especially people needs to know which stage of learning they are currently at. Not going into details regarding this. Its possible to do a search for this to get more detailed information. Putting this down as a reference.

(This topic is pretty interesting, although my post may or may not make it so.)
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Lost a good friend this week…

Monday is not a good day, lost a good friend and Ksatria lost a good programmer, when Laurant went back to France. (…he wasn’t even here for a full year… damn…)

This tall skinny guy, that you can’t see if he stands sideway because of how thin he is, is the creator of SFML, and also works on the gameplay code of Lone Wolf.

From what I heard, theres no game development studios where he is going, but hope something good happens and he’s able to stay on in the game development industry, because its kind of a waste I guess, if he does something else, being such a strong and passionate game programmer.

Just wanna wish him and his girlfriend all the best here!

Hey orange-juice – cola – F&N – useless – codes – 3×3 – and – 5×5 – Rubik – cube – paper – thin dude (the useless-code part is an internal joke…), if you are reading this, sorry I never went to the airport to send you off, but stay in touch, and we’ll meet up again!

Its a Notebook

Think I’m gonna call this a Game Design & Development NOTEBOOK instead. Cuz I don’t really have anything that I can blog about other than keeping notes related to Games, Game Design and Games Development.