GCA 2008 | The End of Show Review

I do not represent Ksatria regarding this, just a personal thought regarding Lone Wolf’s showing at GCA 2008.

Just to get this right, we have to be objective and honest to ourselves, if we want to improve.

The showing wasn’t too good (from my perspective) due to various factors, but instead of being depressed, we will be taking this as a motivation to press on even harder. Even though the demo itself did not have as much “WOW” effect as I hoped, more good came out of it than bad (regarding the team/tools/game). We are able to identify many bugs, features and pipeline issues from this demo, so, many valuable lessons learnt.

Team wise, the different teams are working more cohesively now where the teams are working together more like a TEAM, rather than as separate teams, which is pretty good. Many members are becoming cross-trained, which should greatly improve our efficiency and overall ability.

We’ve got some good talents who joined us pretty late in the demo, but for the time that they have, the stuffs that they produced have greatly impressed everyone. Of course, not forgetting the long standing members who also contributed greatly for us to reach the stage that we are able to achieve. The actual time for this “new” team to work together is very short, a week or two, so with the GCA out of the way, we should be able to create something greater together.

Some good news, there seems to be some good reactions from the locomotion game play, so we seem to be going in the right direction there, just needs to improve it from hereon, and also just to make it a “little” bit more interesting and less boring for the level design side. (ok no excuses that is my fault, but hopefully now that there is a team, I do not need to do focus so much time on the level designs but rather on game designs from now on!)

I guess just to assure anyone who came off unimpressed, or those who are impressed, even slightly, we’ll definitely “WOW” for the next showing! No Kidding, I’m 200% sure!