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Did a simple logo (The logo to the left.) for “Rock Paper Scissors Online!” tonight because I wanted something to visually represent the spirit of this game.

“A Game for Anyone to Enjoy Playing Together in the Spirit of Clean, Healthy Competition.”

How does the Logo Design Represent the Game’s Spirit?

Simple clean, colorful graphical icons to attract attention of anyone without putting casual gamers off with overly stylish graphics. The graphic in the center shows the Rock, Paper and Scissors (three competitors or opponents) laughing together to represent the enjoyment of the competition.

Why Bother Doing a Game Logo Design?

It is not a very good design but it will stay because it will not be developed so I do not intend to spend too much of my (or anyone’s … ) time or resources on it. This video game design might be forgotten in time, so a visual logo will serve as a reminder for me in future.

Something “wrong”…

Kind of “wrong” I guess… the images are not positioned according to the text’s position :p

Video Game Design of “Rock Paper Scissors Online!”

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