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Is there such a thing as Luck? Is it a myth? Is it something mysterious? Are you able to turn yourself into a lucky person? Do you believe you can become a lucky person?

Learning about Luck

The best way to learn about Luck, is to look at gambling. Because there are experts in this field that knows about Luck.

Why are some people able to make a living from gambling, while almost everyone is losing money? Are those lucky people… blessed?

Nope. Don’t ever think there is such a thing as a lucky person. (…No… I’m not bitter…)

The Secret to Good Luck

Those people who make a living from gambling understand one thing. Luck is simply manipulating the Laws of Probability. Read up some information on Poker. They do not predict what is the next card, but rather what is the probability of the next card being the card that they wanted.

In it lies the element of Luck, there is always a probability that they would lose, but they have calculated that the probability is high enough in their favor to take the chance. These people do not win all the time… there is always a chance of losing. But the most important thing is that they would manage to win most of the time.

This is luck when playing games. So stop thinking that people are lucky, but think about how you can make yourself lucky!

A Lucky Person?

At least now you know what is luck actually. A lucky person in a game is not lucky, it is just a person who knows how to act when the chances of success is high. There is no such thing as luck, make use of this fact in your game design.

Why trust this Article?

Should you trust this article coming from someone who does not know probability? I’m not an expert in probability, some people may already know. I can’t understand about the mathematics involved and sprout off tons of information about probability, I don’t know what is the percentage of getting 2×6 when rolling 2×6 sided dices, (1/36 – don’t blame me if its wrong. I got it here, by googling), but what is important is to understand the concept of luck and probability.

Be aware of the issue and know what it can bring to your game design.

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