Implemented “Gravity Fall” – Jump Ramps Test Track

Implementing Falling for the Crafts and created a simple test level for testing and implementation of falling.

Development Details

  1. Need to implement Falling because I’m using SetVelocity instead of ApplyForce/Impulse.
  2. Why use SetVelocity? It is more controllable and is framerate independent.
  3. Tried Physic Ray Picking and Normal Ray Picking to get the current distance to ground.
  4. Physics – Preferred but at frame rates higher than 60, (physics framerate), there would be frames where distances is 0.
  5. Currently using Normal Ray Picking.

Next Games Development Tasks To Do

  1. Improve smoothness on Ramp
  2. Improve smoothness upon Landing
  3. Break up the Scripts so that the Player (or AI) scripts are separated from the crafts. Have the Crafts be moving according to inputs only.