Ano Racing Resurrection

Anomaly Racing Resurrection [ Box Boy Build!!!]

Haven’t update for quite a while, been busy re-organizing the website, working on “Anomaly Racing Resurrection”, and of course, working on “Lone Wolf”.

Showing “Anomaly Racing Resurrection” at its current state. Still very early and basic. kjAPI has got some pretty exciting updates on the scripting capabilities, and that kind of gave me a push to focus back on “Anomaly Racing Resurrection” Project again.

I will be trying to post more videos as often as I can, using this site as a diary for the development of “Anomaly Racing Resurrection”.

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Inspirations from “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue”

They are from PART 3 of Gran Turismo TV Special “The GT-R Legend – Inside Story”. Some information and lines that I found pretty interesting and inspiring. Posting them here for easy reference later. Basically its almost all the conversation, but then, I find them all pretty interesting. I like how they approach the design of the car from another perspective instead of just treating them as parts that come together.
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