Smoke Screen Formed! Arrival of the Smoke Grenadiers!

Creating a smoke screen is a military tactic to confuse intended targets. Obviously, no one doing game development will be throwing a smoke grenade at you. But they could be throwing other things with the same goal in mind. To confuse you.


Technical Jargons / software specific terms

Highly Dangerous. They are able to form smoke screens around anyone easily. They possess very professional image, or they know how to carry themselves well in front of the right people. They usually know how to talk very well, promising all kinds of expertise in their areas, be it artistic, technical, or management. ( The key word here is “talk”. )

They would throw alot of technical jargons, and some seemingly amazing technique that seems to make sense, but when it comes to delivering results, usually the goods do not match the talk. Then they would start to blame it on things. It is never their fault.

For them, the problem could be the software, the game engine, could be all kinds of technical “whatever” that nobody except themselves know (…could even be because of the alignment of the stars for all I care!) Anyway, the finger would always be pointed at somewhere other than at themselves.

For a big company, this “might” not too much of an issue, but for small and medium sized companies where you need every bit of manpower and talents, 1 Smoke Grenadier is more than enough to break the whole game production. Beware of people that falls into this category. Without supervision, they could wreck havoc on the game production.