Video Games Development

Game Designers

Thats just what is in the minds of many people, game design or development is putting in as many ‘cool’ game play features as possible, all the fun and playing games throughout the day! Suggest this, get people to do the stuffs, and you have a new feature! Then you just need to test it, play it, and of course, get many others to play it in the famous play testing process, where you get anyone from the street, toss him an endless supply of tidbits and drinks and ask that someone to play the game until he finish up the questionaire… basically get everyone excited, and the game would, and must be fun. Talk and Play, the 2 great character qualities required to make a game designer! Continue reading…

“Box Boy”

Conceptualized during production of Lone Wolf when I was doing alot of tests scenes for testing of different features and doing experiments on kjAPI. Because many tests are done with boxes, so I thought, why not make a Box Boy? So there he is.

He has other forms and concepts, but this is the latest one. His other form is living in my “Primitive” folder currently.
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