Game Development and Design is not that Stressful

There are stresses in every job, but I would say, to make a comparison between different job scopes is really not necessary.

According to what someone said before, any of the game development team’s job is not as stressful as that of an admin job. Not trying to contest that. Maybe I’m too sensitive to take that to heart, but working in a team, we need to be careful of the things we say, the higher the position, the more important it is to talk carefully.


Deadlines, amount of work to do, catching up with peers’ standards are some areas of stresses. But I’m sure everyone who has certain standards for themselves would be feeling the stress of Self-Expectation, no matter what they are doing, just trying to make the next piece of work that little bit better, no matter how big or small that task may be.


Just some of the tasks that I need to handle for GCA :

  • bug finding and reporting (for kjAPI Planet, the level design tools and scripts system. For Lone Wolf game and standalone, any game play elements i.e. player combat related, disciplines related, locomotion related, Xbox360 controller related… NPCs, plugins… ),
  • assets coordinations (for the level setup, npc requirements, game requirements… ),
  • level design, level implementation, level scripts, level optimization, AIs navigation zones, level game play setup…
  • game design parameters tweak, setups,
  • may have to do interface usability design also…,
  • Xbox360 conversion, controls mapping and game play tweaks (differences in camera movement response time due to type of movement i.e. joystick-based compared to mouse movement-based, number of buttons, input layout, i.e. buttons, triggers, sticks… ),
  • training new level designer, Henny (the Design team has finally doubled in size!),
  • integration of detail assets (e.g. fx sys, sounds…)…