“Anomaly Resurrection” Prototype working

No updates for quite awhile, but the past few weeks has been pretty fruitful.
Other than busy with working on “Lone Wolf” at work, I have been busy figuring out stuffs to get “Anomaly Resurrection” working as I want it to. Stuffs like:

  • understanding force and velocity and how to control physics in the engine,
  • getting a formula from Ced to do a kind of damping curve, without using exponential (thanks dude!) (Also thanks to Laurent for telling me about exponential a long time ago. )
  • learning to use “online graphers” for visualizing curves from equations (also from Ced)
  • some parameter tweaking here and there to create the controls and feel that I wanted for the game,
  • creating test tracks (a racing game is only as playable as the track design), and
  • some other stuffs… i think…