Inspirations from “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue”

They are from PART 3 of Gran Turismo TV Special “The GT-R Legend – Inside Story”. Some information and lines that I found pretty interesting and inspiring. Posting them here for easy reference later. Basically its almost all the conversation, but then, I find them all pretty interesting. I like how they approach the design of the car from another perspective instead of just treating them as parts that come together.

Why is it from Part 3? Where’s Part 1 & 2?
It is because I download game videos online almost everyday and view them randomly during lunch time. (Basically as a way to increase exposure to more types of games and games genre.) I happened to see part 3 and find the video pretty inspiring for me. My host was down for the past few days, so I did not have the chance to post them here until now…


  1. “You can really feel the downforce increase at higher speeds. The front end is not lifting at all.”
  2. “The deceleration G-Force is about 1.25”
  3. “The decision-making process was very quick, and things moved rapidly to the next stage.”
  4. Mr Kazutishi Mizuno, Chief Veh Engineer and chief product specialist, “When you’re making something high quality, you have to polish it a certain number of times. This is actually a number of trial and errors. When you think about how much you can polish something in a four year development period, you are talking about how many times you can do trial and error, and then speed becomes the deciding factor. When you share that speed as a team, you can polish a car like never before. Its just very simple fact really. “
  5. “In most cars, the faster you go, the more dangerous it feels. Just accelerating at full throttle gradually increases the feeling of danger.”
  6. “But this car’s different. The more dangerous things get, the stabler it feels.”
  7. “In aerodynamics, the faster you go, the stronger the downforce on the car. This increases stability.”
  8. “The faster you go, the more inertial force you have, and this increases the grip of your tyres.”
  9. “So if you make a car that obeys nature, often speed and stability are thought to be opposites, but if you stop thinking about cars and the earth separately, when you think of them as one, you realize that the earth has always had the power to increase stability as you go faster. Its simply about going back to basics.”
  10. “I thought a lot about what a racing car is. When people normally think about racing cars, they think about mechanisms, at what rpm the engine runs, how hard the springs are, or how stiff the body is, but mechanisms are just a means to an end.”
  11. “If you forget about mechanisms and think about what a racing car is, you realize that, as i said before, its a tool that obeys and ultilizes the forces of nature better than any other.”
  12. “But there was one thing that bothered me. The car started taking shape, and people would most likely be able to drive it fast, but there was something missing. I realize that what was missing was an interface between the car and the driver.”
  13. “If a driver floors the throttle on a wet road, it says ‘Hey that’s dangerous’ and the vehicle dynamic control of something brakes and lets up on the throttle. But there was no interface between the car and the driver there, its just cancelling out something the driver did, in order to keep the car driving safely. Then it becomes important, to find out how a car can tell the driver what they tried to do. I wanted a constructive interface, and that’s the idea behind the multifunction meter.”
  14. “So the car is given a data recorder, and it says you’re driving like this, but if you drive like this, you can do better. Or, this is the condition of the car right now.”
  15. “The best interface between a car and a driver would take the driving data and tell this to the driver in real time, like when we’re testing in development. In a way, creating an interface between the driver’s brain and the car is the most important thing in sports driving.”
  16. “Its about your head, and… I’m not saying this very well, but… its about sports driving that’s mentally stimulating… a 21st-century, a much more advanced, new sport of interfacing man and machine.”
  17. “It moves at your will, but really fast. And it just keeps picking up speed!”
  18. “Its not a car you can just jump into and drive… but its amazingly fun.”